About Us

Our factory mainly develops and produces products with independent intellectual property rights, electronic building blocks, and also processes electronic products. Our factory has strong research and development capabilities. We can develop and produce all kinds of new, special and unusual electronic products and patented products according to customer needs. Our factory now mainly develops and produces electronic building blocks and solar toy series of Mr. Wang. The director of the factory, Mr. Wang Wenwei, is the founder, inventor, and owner of intellectual property. In accordance with the idea of achieving the future of the children, Mr. Wang's electronic building series has been upgraded and updated by Mr. Wang Wenwei, the director of the electronic building. The function is more, the quality is better, the price is lower.
The predecessor of Wang teacher toy factory in Chenghai District of Shantou city is Wuhan Zhitong electronics factory. In order to expand production scale, the factory is moved from Wuhan to Chenghai District of Shantou City, the new site is larger, the product variety, production and quality have been greatly improved, welcome the patronage of respecting the old customers.
The characteristics of Mr. Wang's electronic building block:
1. Humanized packaging:
The layout of the box is compact, and the components are stacked and placed -- lighter, smaller and more affordable.
The location of the bottom of the box is printed with physical objects, which is convenient and practical.
2. Unique functional design:
Little saucer -- it's simple and interesting to use two batteries.
Colorful radio -- fashion and magic, good assistant in electronic entry.
Wireless transmitter microphone -- double talk is not a dream.
Smaller and lighter recording block recording with vocals, Cara OK happy non-stop;
Wireless music station, infinite knowledge, creates unlimited.
3, good safety performance: a unique safety plastic snap fastener, block stacking assembly.
4, the intuitive performance is strong: one to one circuit diagram, the assembled object is exactly the same with the circuit diagram.
5, the way of identification is simple: using simple serial numbers and color identification methods, we can quickly complete various assembly combinations.
6, there are many ways of control: hand, magnetism, light, electricity, water, sound and touch.
7, acousto-optic effect is odd: each circuit has the magical effect of sound, light and electricity, and integrates knowledge, interest and practicability.
8, adapt to the wide range: from children over 5 to adults, whether they have electronic knowledge and electronic basis, can be easily used.
9, easy to learn electronic knowledge: using electronic components exposed design, intuitive learning electronic components and assembly principle.
10, the electronic device assembled can be directly applied to real life, to stimulate children's interest in learning scientific knowledge, to improve children's hands-on ability and to cultivate children's creativity.