Physics experiment in junior middle school

Model:TW-01      Type:Realia Series

1. in addition to the suction plastic, the rest includes the suitcase and accessories, the use of environmental protection ABS plastics production, accessories button, coil winding, and so on by manual workshops made by the workshop.

2. the method of combining the physical assembly drawing with the circuit schematic diagram, the good physical drawing is identical with the circuit schematic diagram, the theory is connected with the practice, and it has the characteristics of fast assembly and rapid disassembly, which can improve the learning effect.

3. the components of this equipment have been carefully designed, from the appearance to the practical effect as best as possible. For example, the hand generator can light the 6V light bulb, the single brine battery can light the LED lamp, the electromagnetic induction can light the LED lamp, and the self-made micro motor is installed as - --- and so on, 24 patents have been obtained.